Are you ready to take your video content marketing to the next level?


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Here’s the scoop:


If you’re not getting the results you want…


If you’re confused by all the conflicting information about video out there …


Then we’ll help you get where you want to be.


So if you already know the basics of video and content marketing — and want to take your video strategy the next level — then Viewing Insights is for you.


There are two main content marketing junkies involved with the Viewing Insights project:


Jake Ludington

Jake Ludington

Jake Ludington generates tech videos on everything from gadgets to games to how to solve your computer headaches. Lately, he has been attending some large, well known tech conferences where he does his “man on the street” interviews.  You can find these on his YouTube channel.

In addition to writing and publishing for Broadview App, he publishes how-to articles for his Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle publication, with over 2,000 articles and 29,000 readers.  And it continues to grow.

Jake co-produced a video with Brandon Wirtz demonstrating how to play Xbox 360 games while in a moving car which was featured on MTV Obsessed[3]

And in a past life, he was co-organizer of the first 3 Gnomedex events and past business partner[4] of Chris Pirillo.

Furthing his street cred, Jake has contributed articles to Popular Science,[5][6] PC Today,[7] and O’Reilly.[8]


Tom Augenthaler

Tom Augenthaler

For work, Tom is a director with Ivy Worldwide. Ivy specializes in infuencer marketing which is becoming better defined as advocate marketing (or maybe not).

As part of the Ivy team, Tom works with brands how to connect with buyers/customers through online influencers.

Before joining Ivy, Tom was a cubicle monkey at HP, Hill & Knowlton and Golin/Harris where he practiced public relations and learned many things about the media.

Tom enjoys all forms of content marketing and is particularly interested in video marketing.  It is gaining traction very quickly and offers brands immense opportunity to connect with customers.

You can reach Tom at taugenthaler [at] gmail.com.