How to Use Vine As Part of Your Video Content Marketing

Think attention spans are too short already?

Between checking emails, handling calls, texting and surfing the Web, we now have super short video too.

With so many different content platforms vying for our interest at the same time, marketers are racing to find new ways of being interesting, more engaging, and more successful than their competitors.

Enter Vine, the 6-second video platform.

At first glance, the six second duration seems a bit daunting.

I mean, what can be conveyed successfully in only 6 seconds of video?

What it does do is offer a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the waning customer attention span and use that to your advantage.

New (and not so new) savvy brands are already jumping in.

You can too.

In this post, I outline some ways that you too can make Vine work to your advantage.

Let’s dig in …

1. Think Like a Movie Director: The Action Tells the Story

First things first:

Your vine video ideas should all be about showing off something interesting and engaging.

Most movie directors live by the concept of “showing” over telling.

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but some of the most powerful movie scenes involve little to no dialogue.

The action alone moves the story along.

Here’s an example:

The Mechanic by director Michael Winner is a fine example.

In this movie starring Charles Bronson playing the part of a hit man, the entire first 16 minutes of the movie involve no dialogue.

16 minutes … with no dialogue!

The scenes are entirely composed of the actors doing things … and it is in this way the story moves along. To Bronson’s credit, only an actor with a formidable screen presence can pull this off.

Check out the movie and watch the opening sequence to see what I mean.

So when you’re working with Vine, you need to think in terms of images telling the story, like a movie director.

There’s no time for explanations.  The images must do the talking for you.

Perhaps another analogy would help:

Think of Vine as the video equivalent to Twitter.

And many people consider Twitter to be a micro blogging platform.

A six second vine video is the visual equivalent of those 140-character tweets you pump out on Twitter.

With the only difference being one is video based and the other is text based.

Instead of telling your audience about the latest news, you’re showing them something interesting, or funny or just intriguing.

So let’s say you want to create a Vine video about your product …

Focus on one trait that distinguishes your product from others.  Then create a quick and simple video that shows off just how little effort you’d need to put into using that product.

Or, maybe you want to educate your customers about a new improvement.

Let’s take a look at an example:

HP is the industry leader in printing.  They have a new printer ink that doesn’t run when it get’s wet.

Nice to know, but not exactly thrilling, right?

Yet, HP created a Vine video about just that:

HP Ink on Vine

Again, printer ink is a pretty boring topic.  The only time I think about ink is when my printer runs out!

Yet HP takes a mundane product and turn it into a fun, quick video.

Its creative, engaging and quirky, but the message is clear …

HP makes ink that doesn’t run when it gets wet.

It’s informative and informs customers about how they are different.

It’s that simple!

Share Across Social Media Platforms

2. Vine is Easy Share Across Multiple Platforms

Like I said earlier, it might seem a bit weird that Vine videos are only 6 seconds in length.

Yet another benefit to the six second limit is its so easy to share, across various different platforms.

In other words, when you’re coming up with vine video ideas be sure that your content is good for sharing across other social platforms.

Look at it like this:

At an elegant restaurant, a chef will often send out samples and tastes before the main meal.

This tasty morsel isn’t meant to fill the diner up, but instead give them an idea of what the cuisine is about, and get their mouthwatering for more.

So, think of Vine in the same way … serving up tasty little morsels to whet the appetite of your customers.

Your Vine video content can form the “taster” or appetizer part of the menu for your social media marketing campaign.

For example:

If you’re already producing video content, you can maximize returns by using it in different ways on different platforms

Posting a six-second morsel on Vine, a photo with description on Instagram, and a longer, more substantive video on YouTube all leading back to a blog post on your web site that includes a call to action (CTA).

Don’t post the same exact content on every platform at the same time.  If you do this, you’re not providing users any incentive to follow you on multiple platforms.

Why do you want followers on multiple platforms?

Because you’ll find more customers that way.

Not all users online like the same platforms.  Some like Tumblr but not Facebook, while others like Vine and YouTube.  Still others prefer Snapchat or Twitter.  I know I’m that way and I bet you are too.

Makes sense, right?

Therefore, make sure each of your social platforms offers unique content so you can be sure to attract your customers who hang out there.

3. Be Creative with Functions: Pause, Looping and More

Your vine video doesn’t have to be the most incredible piece of art ever recorded in six seconds.

But it should be fun and entertaining or unique in some way.

Most video marketing tips tell you to make sure you capture your viewer’s attention instantly – and when you only have six seconds, that goes without saying.

So how do you make that work with Vine?

Here’s an example …

Some Vine video users make use of the “pause” function, by offering a roulette of images that stops on a random position when the user clicks on the picture.

This is one way in which companies can gamify their video marketing content and encourage people to get more involved with it.

Another example is to loop your Vine so it plays a story with beginning, middle and end – over and over.

Here’s a great example titled The Hungry Sofa

Vine video loop: The Hungry Sofa

Another idea to play with is not so much a function, but the lens itself.

If you’re using a video camera, experiment with different lenses.  Try a telephoto lens to shoot from far away or a fish-eye lens for that weird circular effect.

Getting even more experimental might help you find that look you are striving for.

For example:

Try shooting your video through a bottle or piece of plastic for out-of-focus and blurry video that injects an artistic quality to it.  I guarantee it will make your video look different and interesting.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Start a Content Series on Vine

The six second time restriction doesn’t mean that you can’t connect one video to another.

It does not limit you from creating a theme that ties together your Vine content.

Here’s an idea:

You can develop an entire series of quick and simple pieces that keep your audience/customers coming back for more.

It is a great way for brands to engage with viewers using a platform like this.

The series could be focused on useful information tips, or simply something that gets viewers engaged — like comedy.

Remember that HP example?  That does both.

If you spend some time on Vine you will notice the huge number of cute, funny videos there.

The point is:

Get a viewer’s attention.

Let’s take that a step further:

You can even encourage your Vine-loving followers to get involved with your series and put their own content into the mix by creating videos that go along with your chosen theme.

You might even decide to create a competition that allows people get involved with the story if they provide the most interesting piece of video content.

Think out of the box.

Time Your Vine Posts

5. Timing: Consider it When Posting Your Vines

Finally, when coming up with vine video ideas, make sure that you pay attention to what’s relevant, and use timing to your advantage.

Remember, timing can be the difference between your Vine video going viral, and simply being lost within the noise of other videos.

Often, successful brands will work on their content by tracking trending topics, and watching out for possible opportunities.

Think of it like this:

Some events are simple to plan for since we know when they are happening in advance.

The Superbowl is a great example of an event you could use.  You already know when the Superbowl happens each year (usually first week of February).

Could you capitalize on the Superbowl? Or football in general?

Sure you can!

Let me give you a creative and fun example:

Does anybody link M&Ms candy with football?  Well, that didn’t stop M&Ms!

Check out how M&Ms incorporated football in their Vine:

M&M Chocolat Football Video on Vine

What does this prove to us us?

It’s NOT necessary to stick to content that’s directly related to your product, industry or brand.

You’d be surprised at the creative ways that you can link your brand to current events with a little ingenuity.

Sometimes, it helps to see what others are doing to spark your own creativity.  Search some hashtags on Vine for ideas.  See what’s trending and gaining traction with viewers.

Remember, simply mimicking someone else’s idea won’t work.

You have to develop your own voice, way of doing things.

Build Your Vine Strategy

At this point, many brands are still trying to find their feet in the world of short vine videos.

This means there is a lot of opportunity for you and your brand on Vine.

However, don’t just blindly jump in.  Think through what you want to get out of Vine.

Do you want to generate awareness with viewers who might not know about you or your brand?

Do you want to drive viewers to your website?

Do you want to use Vine to build your email marketing list?

What is your objective?  Be sure to write it down.

Then map out a simple strategy.  It could look like something as simple as this:

Vine Content Calendar and Strategy

Get the spreadsheet here.

Be sure to keep your goals, objectives and strategies focused.  Also, once you put your plan into place, be sure to check back with the plan every week.

Frequently touching base will help you stay on track with your strategy and calendar.

Vine is a great way to spruce up your social media marketing campaign, and give your marketing efforts a new flavor.

Go ahead and get to it!

If you have any questions, just post a comment.


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