How To Become a YouTube Video Blogger in 5 Steps

It’s no secret that YouTube is the dominant online outlet for video.

Within a number of short years, YouTube emerged from being a place to upload cat videos, to the second largest search engine in the world.

That’s right. The second largest search engine.

During that time, the company – alongside Google, came up with a new way to harness its popularity and create an incredibly lucrative marketing opportunity.

In an age where online reality is becoming a significant facet in every aspect of our lives, having your face online can be paramount in ensuring that your audience feels closer to you.

Standing out amongst the crowd can be complicated. Experts report that around 5% of the videos on YouTube currently drive around 95% of traffic.

There’s more:

If you want to build a personal brand as a YouTube video blogger or professional vlogger, you have a long road ahead of you.

The reason is it involves forming a genuine connection with your audience through creative video blog ideas.

Today, I’m giving you some tips that could help to get you started.

Let’s dive in:

YouTube Blogging

1. Create new, Relevant Content – Relentlessly.

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Before you can become a YouTube personality, you need to learn how to start video blogging  (vlogging) successfully, and this means coming up with valuable video blog ideas.

For instance, if you search through some of the most popular videos on YouTube, you’ll quickly discover that each offers something unique and interesting.

Some will give thoughtful advice and “how to” information on important topics, whereas others will provide great music, or amazing entertainment. You also can’t discount how much viewers love to see a good fail.

Personally, I love to do reviews of technology products.

I’ve done it for many years and as a result, I’ve built relationships with some of the biggest tech companies on the planet, including HP, Dell, Adobe and others.

Recently, I shot a use case video about the HP 1020 business laptop.

Every YouTube video blogger has their own style.

You’ll need to come up with something interesting to show your audience, while staying relevant to the culture of the market you’re hoping to capture.

No matter what be true to yourself.

Be sure you are truly interested in your topic.

Usually, making videos that are related to the pop culture or news items that everyone is talking about at the time is a good place to start.

Regardless of the approach you choose, be sure you have a niche. For example, if you decided to cover technology products, develop a niche around wearables or smartphones for example.

Its much easier to build a personal brand within a niche than being a generalist who tries to be the expert on everything.

Give it some thought.

Once you know what you’re going to be doing, make sure that you constantly produce interesting new videos that offer relevant and original content for your viewers.

Use tools like BuzzSumo to research content that gets shared the most.

By relentlessly pursuing your goal, you improve your chances that you’ll eventually be recognized for your hard work.

2. Tag Your Videos and Use Keywords

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Becoming a professional vlogger is similar to becoming a professional blogger. Great content isn’t enough. To succeed you must also put in work behind the scenes with tagging and keywords to help with video discovery.

When you’re creating content as a YouTube video blogger, just like when you’re creating content for your website, you should know that in order to be discovered you have to capture an idea of what your audience is looking for.

Many people find YouTube’s keyword tool to be particularly helpful, and once you find the words that are most useful to you, you can optimize your digital media content so that it achieves the best search results.

Another useful tool is BuzzSumo, which helps you find the most shared content in your niche. You can also analyze titles for your content and borrow from the ones that appear to perform well.

Using the AdWords keyword research tool is another good way to figure out how people are searching for content in your niche.

The same work applies for a YouTube video blogger when it comes to tags. Without the right tags, people will struggle to find your videos. When you place a video on your channel it’s important to choose tags that are both specific and descriptive.

Using the keywords that you have already discovered, develop tags that apply to your video, alongside broad tags to help you get the most views.

Video Blogging

3. Have High Video Quality

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When learning how to start vlogging, it’s worth keeping in mind that more people will be likely to watch your video if the visual content is of high quality.

Because you’re on YouTube, you will have some leeway, as most viewers won’t expect the aesthetics of your video to be completely perfect.

This is important:

You can now shoot decent quality videos using a smartphone, just be sure to use a tripod so your video isn’t shaky.

This is especially good when shooting what I refer to as a “man on the street” video.

However, if you’re coming up with great video blog ideas and dismissing sound and light quality, people will definitely begin to click away.

Usually, the best way to ensure high video quality is to use a “decent” camera, and follow some of these tips:

• A professional vlogger will often turn on the lights in their house for an indoor video, brightening the picture and making the surroundings appear more colorful and interesting. For the best results, turn different lights on around various parts of the room until you’re satisfied with the full effect in your video.

• Always make sure your face is clearly visible – the key to becoming a successful YouTube video blogger is ensuring that your audience can recognize and identify with you.

• Audio quality is important to having high quality video, which means eliminating any background noises. Move the dog to a different room, turn off the air conditioner and shut down the television. Excess noise lowers the quality of your video and draws attention away from you.

Camera Equipment

4. Good Video Bloggers Meet People and Collaborate

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YouTube gatherings are currently held all around the world on a regular basis, and offer a fantastic solution for people looking to make friends, boost popularity, and get attention.

As a video blogger, you’ll quickly find that more people are likely to engage with your channel if they have an opportunity to meet you in person and make a real connection.

These gatherings are a great place to discover opportunities for collaborative videos, which can be ideal if you’re trying to burst free from obscurity. Making a good impression with a professional vlogger who has already achieved popularity in your genre, creates the potential to take part in a collaborative video.

This is a great way to gain more recognition and expand your audience. Just make sure that you already have a creative idea in mind for the video, so that you can prove you have something worthwhile to bring to the production.

Let me give you an example from my experience.

A few years back I attended a technology event in Frankfurt, Germany. I was part of a panel that included another video blogger. After we concluded the panel, we interviewed each other on camera for our respective video channels.

Because of our collaboration, we got even more video content from our participation in the event. It was like doing a guest blog post.

Collaborate with others

5. Be Authentic, and Connect with Your Audience

[bctt tweet=”YouTube Tip #5: Be authentic and connect with your audience. 4 more here:”]

Finally, keep in mind that video blogging is far more intimate and personal than other forms of online content. You’re interacting with people on an almost face-to-face basis, and as such, your audience will be able to tell very quickly if you’re being genuine, or fake.

Don’t mess with that.

Show off the real you in your videos and you will be more likely to gain friends, as well as followers, who are happy to promote your content on your behalf.

At the same time, make sure you interact with your subscribers – responding to every person who leaves you a comment.

If you’re asked for advice, give it.

If people want to know more about you, make videos answering their questions.

Listening to your audience is not only good business but will provide you with quality content topics. This is a great way to show how genuine you are, and develop your audience into something special.

Got any questions?

I want to hear them!!

Be authentic


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