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6 Ways Video Can Drive Qualified Leads To Your Web Site

2015 was a strong year for video content marketing.  2016 promises to be even better …

… and if you’re not leveraging this fact, you’re missing out.

Videos are an excellent way to increase traffic and exposure for your business, at a low cost. With a higher engagement rate than blog posts or images, videos help attract your audience much more than ever before.

The great thing about videos is that you can use different kinds of videos for different lead generation technique. Different types of videos can be used at different times to build trust and respect in your audience.

Here are six different ways in which you can use video to drive qualified leads to your site right away.

1. Create Product Videos

[bctt tweet=”Video Tip #1: Create product videos. 5 more here:”]

Short promotional videos that highlight the benefits and features of a product increase the likelihood of a conversion by up to 85%.

Buyers are much more likely to buy something after they have gotten a better understanding for the product or service, and video is the easiest way to do so.

One of the best examples of this is Dropbox, but any business can make a super-simple product video using one of several video creation tools (link to article #1 here). You don’t need to hire a professional film crew, as most tools allow you to use preexisting images and music to create a professional look video at almost no cost.

Don’t make a video that is too long, as shorter videos are more likely to be shared repeatedly, but it should be long enough to inform your audience about your product and service.

2. Provide How-to Videos

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Many online browsers aren’t ready to make a purchase just yet. However, a certain kind of visitor to your website is more likely to make a purchase, and that is someone looking for a solution to a problem.

How-to videos catch these website visitors and by answering their problem are likely to convert them into buyers faster.

30% of millenials say they have bought a product after watching a tutorial or how-to video about it.

Create how-to videos that explain the different ways in which your product can be used. By focusing on instructing your audience, and not making a straight-up sales pitch, you are more likely to engage them and show them the best case use for your product.

3. Use Product Walk-throughs

[bctt tweet=”Video tip #3: Use product walk-throughs. 5 more here:”]

Services that are difficult to understand or use will see a drop-off in customers unless the create product walk-throughs.

A software-as-a-service tool that offers a free trial may see an increase in sign-ups, but if those customers aren’t 100% sure they know how to utilize the tool, they won’t stick around for a paying subscription either.

Provide your users with fun on-boarding videos so they learn all about the product and how to use it before they vanish on you.

Look at the most common ways your product would be used, and highlight these in a screen recording.

Include narration on how the product works, the different features it has, and how the user can navigate through it.

Emailing this link to your email subscribers, right after they subscribe, will also increase new signups, as they will be more comfortable in their understanding of how the product can serve their needs.

4. Create Screen-casts

[bctt tweet=”Video tip #4: Create screen-casts. 5 more here:”]

We’ve already mentioned screen-casts as one way to on-board customers, but they can also be used to answer commonly asked questions.

Reduce the amount of customer service emails you receive by addressing common problems in short screen-casts instead.

These screen-casts will establish trust with your audience. It is also a better way of answering questions as many people understand visuals better than text.

Sharing links with customers as needed, and linking them via your FAQ page will ensure you improve the customer experience.

5. Share Testimonials

[bctt tweet=”Video tip #5: Share testimonials. 5 more here:”]

Showcase your value to your audience by using testimonials from past customers. Nothing attracts a new customer like another happy customer, and your old customers will be happy to help you out.

The videos don’t need to be long or professionally made either.

Reach out to your customers and ask if they would be willing to record a testimonial for you. Local customers can come to your office, and those further away can send a short video made using their phone. If you’re at an event, you can ask customers to make on-the-spot videos as they try your product.

Address what solution the service provides, along with what they like the best about anything else they want to share about their experience. Watching other people using your product successfully is more likely to attract new customers.

You can also create testimonials by target market, so you’d have a few testimonials, all addressing different niches of your audience, allowing for more targeted video marketing.

6. Invest in Video Ads

[bctt tweet=”Video tip #6: Invest in video ads. 5 more here:”]

72% of ad agencies say online ads are as effective that television advertising (see infographic below for stats).

One of the most efficient ways of advertising online, online vide ads have a higher click-through rate than any other online advertisement medium.

Create short video advertisements for your product and share them on social media and YouTube. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all offer paid advertisement options, so you can promote your video using these channels and cast a wider net for new leads.

The more precisely you can target the right market for your product, the more effective your advertising will be.

When creating videos, keep SEO in mind at all times:

Titles and meta-descriptions should be optimized for the appropriate keywords if you want to rank better. Creating transcripts of your videos, especially longer videos, allows you to target people who want to view video with the sound off.

Transcripts also get scrawled by search engines, so make sure you optimize these for your keywords as well.

Different videos will attract different kinds of audience to your website, which is why using a diverse array of video types can help boost your sales much faster than relying on just one video.

Remember to focus on your brand promise, and keep it consistent across video type.



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